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    Charming, peppy and upscale choreography.
    Catherine Rampell, The New York Times
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    The scantily clad cast members, brilliantly choreographed by Rommy Sandhu, hilariously...slyly suggestive. Gleefully saucy.
    Marcia Morphy, Democrat & Chronicle
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    Good Morning [is] a giddy treat...Broadway Rythmn, a spectauclar rendition.
    Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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    Under choreographer Rommy Sandhu, the large cast sings and dances with verve. It’s “SparkleJollyTwinkleJingley” all the time, with a high-energy dance break around every corner.
    Catherine Reese Newton, Utah Arts Review
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    Brilliant choreography by Rommy Sandhu, who did a fantastic job of reimagining the original film’s dances for the stage.
    Kevin Brackett,
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    The ensemble performs Rommy Sandhu's ebullient choreography with zest and zeal.
    Tyler Hinton, SLC
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GEVA Theater

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The Connelly Theater, NYC

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Singing In The Rain

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Hunchback Of Notré Dame

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
Geva Theater

Singin’ in the Rain is packed full of unforgettable numbers, and doesn’t hesitate to wow the audience right out of the gate. The first number, “Fit As a Fiddle,” sees Don and Cosmo recounting their vaudeville days through a meticulously crafted song and dance routine. This is just a taste of the brilliant choreography by Rommy Sandhu, who did a fantastic job of reimagining the original film’s dances for the stage. Bleu and Schecter are amazing in this jaw-dropping number, juggling their violins while singing and dancing with comedic precision. The show sets the bar incredibly high with this number, and manages to keep the same amount of energy throughout. Other impressive numbers include the mesmerizing “Broadway Rhythm,” the non-stop smile producing “Good Morning,” and of course – “Singin’ in the Rain.” There is so much to take in during the show, and most of the numbers feel big in the best way. It’s a non-stop flow of endorphins for the audience, as each scene seamlessly flows into the next. The entire cast and ensemble are magnificent from start to finish. They all move as one during the intricate dance numbers, and appear to do so effortlessly. ~ Review STL, Singing In The Rain at The St. Louis Muny
Cheery, tuneful, and packed with gags, Forum offers nothing less than a night filled with rollicking fun and non-stop laughs. Are you not entertained? When Pseudolus (Steve Rosen) drags Hysterium, henpecked master of the house Senex (James Michael Reilly) and girl-wrangler Marcus Lycus (Bill Nolte,) into a rousing number called “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid” – with no one besides Pseudolus understanding in the slightest what they’re singing about. It’s a show crammed with smiles and good vibes. Worry tomorrow. Go see a comedy tonight. ~
“Topsy Turvy” and the rest of the musical numbers featuring the gypsies…were delightful. If you’re expecting an entertaining production that will get you thinking about the way you see the world, you’ll definitely get what you came for. ~The Spectrum
Wonderful staging, catchy songs and amazing special effects in this “Mary Poppins” …the songs and dance numbers are dazzling, ~The Salt Lake Tribune

Mary Poppins is all about the magic.It’s true for the 1964 Disney film starring Julie Andrews, and it’s true for the current musical production at Tuacahn Amphitheatre. it combines a tasteful use of special effects and spectacle with a story full of heart and human emotion. ~ The Spectrum
A Vintage Skyline Filled With Valentines and Air Kisses
The show is charming and peppy. Arnold B. Horwitt’s clever lyrics and Richard Lewine’s cheery music provide ample material for the show’s choreographer, Rommy Sandhu, whose work draws from swing, waltz, soft-shoe, ballet and square dancing. And in general the dancing is unusually upscale for an Off Off Broadway production. ~
The New York Times

The show’s theme is set in New York City and cleverly interweaves dialogue and skits with beautiful songs and stylized dance routines. Rommy Sandhu’s diverse choreography is both graceful and elegant while maintaining its period charm. ~Broadway World